Each layer of a material contains exactly one sub-material. A sub-material contains a set of textures that correspond to a single effect, for example, a rock sub-material or a grass sub-material.

Below is an example of different sub-materials:

A material allows different sub-materials to be combined together using one sub-material per layer. There are two kinds of sub-materials:

Sub-materials defined in Instant Terra

These materials are accessible through the Simple material and Sub-material nodes.

Below are examples of the sub-materials available in Instant Terra.

Sub-materials are not installed by default. You need to download them.

You can download a single sub-material, a selection of sub-materials, or all the sub-materials at once.

User-defined sub-materials

The User sub-material node allows you to create your own sub-material from textures that will generally be imported:

Four textures are used to create a sub-material:

  • The Base color texture, sometimes called Diffuse or Albedo.
  • The Roughness texture.
  • The Ambient occlusion texture.
  • The Normal map texture.

Below are examples of textures used to create a sub-material:

From left to right: Base color, Roughness, Ambient occlusion, Normal map

For more information on creating a sub-material, see the documentation on the User sub-material node.

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