Author Topic: Create Component is disabled. Are some nodes not allowed in a Component?  (Read 258 times)


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I have a graph I would like to Convert to a Component, however, the option to create a component is disabled when I select the Graph.

If I select a sub-set of nodes in the graph, the option becomes available. Therefore, I must have some combination of nodes selected that are not allowed.

It appears that the "Painted Mask" node is the node preventing me from Generating a Component. How can I include a Mask in a Component?


Alexis Vaisse

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It's currently not possible to create a component with a "Painted mask" node.

As a workaround, you can save your mask and add an "Import mask" node with an absolute path to use it.
Instant Terra Pro has a cache system for imported data, so importing the mask a lot of time if you create a lot of instances of your component will not be an issue.

Supporting components with "Painted mask" nodes is in our backlog. We'll see if we can add it in our short term roadmap.