Author Topic: Crash importing terrains in Raw 32-bit format (1.10.5 Pro)  (Read 2217 times)

Rodolfo Calabrezi

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Hey there!

I've found a crash when importing terrains in Raw 32-bit format with properties set for 8-bits.

In order to reproduce the bug:

  • Open Instant Terra (1.10.5 Pro). It will open a new project and the standard 3 nodes graph
  • Create an "Import terrain" node (right click in "graph" tab, select "Create node" -> "Import" -> "Import terrain")
  • Select "Import As Raw" checkbox in Node properties
  • Open a 1024-sized terrain in Raw 32-bit format, or the provided one

When crashing, note that the importer wrongly recognizes the file as a 2048-sized terrain. The same happens if a Raw 32-bit of size 16 is imported, it will try to load it as a 32-sized terrain. That doesn't happen when importing a Raw 16-bit file.

Also, if we set the bits information properly before importing the file, Instant Terra won't crash. Placing the file information back to "8-bit" with the terrain already imported will make Instant Terra crash again.

I'm attaching a crash snapshot and a terrain of size 1024 exported in Raw 32-bit format, just in case.


Alexis Vaisse

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Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you very for your feedback.

We were able to reproduce and fix the crash.
We confirm it's a problem specific to raw files and it does not occur with other types of files.

The fix will be in Instant Terra 1.11.

Thank you again for your help to build a better product.