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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Instant Terra's beta release!
Starting from October 2, you will be able to download it from our website and use it for free.

What's in the beta release?

GPU acceleration
Even for large sized terrains, Instant Terra remains fast and seamless.

Terrain & mask import,
including multiple imports from RGB/RGBA files                   
and bulk imports.

Terrain & mask export
in heightmap or FBX format                                                 

Terrain & mask generation
Use the Perlin noise node or geometry generators             
to generate your terrains from scratch.   

Terrain & mask transformation
Change your terrain or mask at any time,                           
including on-the-fly size changes.   

Terrain & mask composition
Compose terrains of different sizes and resolutions,   
and scale, rotate and translate them as needed.

Painted masks
Draw your mask directly on your terrain in the 3D view   
and see the result in real time.   

What's next in the future beta releases?
We plan to release several beta versions with additional features before the commercial release. Here are the main improvements already planned for future beta releases:
  • Optimized hydraulic erosion
  • Boosted import
  • Color map import
  • DEM files import
  • Bezier curves
  • Translate, scale and rotate directly in the 3D View

More features are planned for the post-beta versions and will be integrated in the first commercial release. The priorities will be based on your feedback: we welcome your requests and expectations on this forum.

What are the limitations of the beta version?
The beta version is limited to terrains up to 8k x 8k.The size limitation in the commercial release will depend on the version you are using.
As specified in the terms of agreement, you cannot use the beta release for commercial use.

If you need to use Instant Terra now for commercial use, or have an urgent need for a feature, please contact us.

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