Graphic artists,

want to work faster and better?

Instant Terra, ultra-fast tool for 3D terrains

30% discount on Instant Terra subscriptions during SIGGRAPH 2018*

siggraph terrains

Request a demo in our booth #739 or an online demo (if you can't make it to the show) during Siggraph 2018 and receive a 30% discount on Instant Terra*.

See how you can create 3D terrains faster and more efficiently, and see your changes in real time in the final resolution with Instant Terra.

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Make changes and see the results immediately
  • Generate terrains ultra fast
  • Export to your favorite editor
  • Use the power of a procedural tool of available to all!!!

*30% discount on the first 12 months of any annual subscription, and offer valid up to August 24, 2018.

Request a demo or a private meeting

Why choose Wysilab

for your terrains?

Wysilab team

Our expertise and experience

Our team has a vast experience in software development for digital creation in the field of video games, lead by Alexis Vaisse who is both Expert Programmer and Project Manager, and Marianne Calva, co-founder of Wysilab.


Export to your favorite editor

Export terrains as heightmaps or meshes (FBX) and your masks to work in your usual DCC: Unreal® Engine, Unity®, 3dsMax®, Maya®, Clarisse®, Houdini®... 8, 16, and 32 bits are supported, including tiff, png, tga, Raw 16 bits, and OpenExr 32 bits.

Learn Instant Terra

Learn Instant terra quickly

We have published numerous node-by node video tutorials that make getting started with Instant Terra quick and easy, even if you have never used a procedural tool before.

Our commitment

to you

Speed up your production time

Let you work with a procedural tool

Simplify creating your terrains

Take onboard your feedback

Bring you recognized innovative R&D

Export to your favorite editor

Instant Terra

on the web!

cg channel

Instant Terra in the news: CG Channel blog

Published by Wysilab on May 26, 2018

CG Channel promotes the release of Instant Terra v1.1.

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Instant Terra in the news: 80 Level

Published by Wysilab on May 24, 2018

80 Level promotes the new features of Instant Terra v1.1.

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Some comments from Instant Terra users
kalustov igor

Igor Kalustov: "I am a Senior Technical Artist, working on a brand new MMO game made with Unreal Engine 4. From my experience with Instant Terra, I found that this is one of the best and fastest landscape builder that I've seen and tried! I really like the node-based system and very detailed fast rendering. I've tried a few things in Instant Terra so far and I love the blending between terrains, also I love the veeeeeeery fast erosion simulation!)."

More comments from Instant Terra users

  • Real interesting piece of software. Really curious where you going to end up :)
  • It's great to see there are new options, keep it up.
  • Keep working the educational side of things to help CTE teachers (Video Game Design & Computer Graphics) incorporate your program into their curriculum.
  • Keep up the amazing work!
  • It's Simply Awesome.
  • I love Instant Terra as an alternative to what’s currently out there for terrain creation.
  • Excellent, I really like your guys works and look forward to making this software the main landscape software of my company.
  • It is a VERY promising product, with an attractive set of features.
  • After testing it out, I was really impressed with the speed of the tool. I see a bright future for your tool.
  • This software is better than any terrain tool I had ever used, making terrain creation intuitive and easy.

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