API reference


You have to include the header Main.h.

void SetMemoryAllocator(MemoryAllocator *memoryAllocator)

Sets a custom memory allocator. Only one memory allocator can be set. A memory allocator cannot be removed or replaced. This function must be called before calling the Init function.

void Init()

Initializes InstantTerraApi. Must be called once before calling the CreateInstantTerra function.


Error - If the Instant Terra is already initialized, an Error will be reported with the code ErrorCode::InstantTerraApiAlreadyInitialized.

Init();  // Init InstantTerraApi

void Close()

Closes InstantTerraApi. It must be the last call. If a memory allocator or an error handler have been set, they will be deleted.

Close();  // Close InstantTerraApi

void SetErrorHandler(ErrorHandler *errorHandler)

Sets a custom error handler. Only one error handler can be set at the same time. Setting a new error handler will remove and delete the previous one, if any. Pass nullptr to remove the current error handler.

InstantTerra CreateInstantTerra()

This is the entry point of the API. Create an InstantTerra object and use it to start an instance of the Instant Terra application.


Error - If the Instant Terra is not initialized, an Error will be reported with the code ErrorCode::InstantTerraApiIsNotInizialized.

// Create an instant of Instant Terra
InstantTerra instantTerra = CreateInstantTerra();

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