The World browser displays a Google Map view that allows you to select any region on Earth and to download its relief.

An import node is automatically created to read the downloaded terrain.

Moving and zooming in the map

  • To move the map, use the mouse  and the left button or middle button.
  • To zoom in the map, click the + button or scroll the mouse wheel. When using the mouse wheel, Instant Terra zooms in the direction of the point under the mouse cursor.
  • To zoom out of the map, click the - button or with the mouse wheel.

Selecting a region

When you zoom in enough, the size of the displayed area appears at the bottom right and the Select region button becomes active.

Click the Select region button to a region in the window.

The size displayed at the bottom right becomes the size of the selected region.

You can no longer move the map or zoom when in selection mode.

To exit the selection mode, click on the Cancel link in the top left of the window or press the Esc key.

Downloading a region

Once the selected area is suitable, click the Download region button in the top left of the window.

  • A window opens, which summarizes the size of the selected region in kilometers and allows you to choose the resolution of the terrain to download.
    • Precise: one point every 30 meters approximately.
    • Coarse: one point every 90 meters approximately.
  • Choose the name of the import node that will be created.
  • Name the file in TIFF format that will contain the downloaded terrain.

Click the Start download button: Instant Terra connects to the site to download the selected terrain.

When the download is complete, an import node is automatically created to import the downloaded terrain

When downloading several regions one after the other, the nodes are created one below the other.

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