About nodes

Instant Terra is a node-based software composed of a graph of interlinked nodes:

Each node corresponds to an operation on one or several terrains / mask / color. The color of the node outline corresponds to the type of operation. The nodes are connected together by links (see Connectors and links for more details). Return to any node at any time, modify a parameter and immediately see the effect on the end result.

Progress bar

Most of the nodes in Instant Terra are sufficiently optimized to provide a realtime preview of the result. Yet, a few nodes (especially simulations) need some time to be computed. A progress bar is displayed underneath those nodes. When any of the node’s input is changed, the simulation must start over and progress is reset to zero.

Components also display a progress bar if at least one node inside the component graph displays a progress bar.
Python scripts can display a progress bar: its value is controlled by the script with the command set_task_progress(x) (x being the percentage of completion).

Creating a node

To create a node, either:

  • Click the left mouse button on a connector or optional connector and either:
    • Drag the mouse and release it in an empty area to display the Fast-creation menu, which lists the compatible nodes.
    • Press the Tab key to display the Fast-creation menu.

Select a node using the mouse or the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.

Use the search bar at the top of the Fast-creation menu to search for a compatible node.

Inserting a node

To insert a node, right-click on an existing link to create a new node connected to its neighbors on either side.

Since links connect pins of the same type, it is not possible to insert nodes that convert one type to another.

Moving nodes

To move a node(s), click on it, hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse, and then release the button.

When multiple nodes are selected, moving one node moves all selected nodes. All selected nodes retain their relative position.

Several unconnected nodes can be drag and drop directly onto links to insert them into the computing flow without making the graph invalid.

Opening a node's parameters

To edit a node, double-click on it in the Graph editor to open its parameters. The example below shows the parameters for the Apply curve node.

For some nodes, double-clicking on this node produces no effect because they do not have any editable parameters.

Removing nodes

To delete a selected node or nodes, select Edit > Delete or press the Del key.

Press Alt + left click:

  • On a node to delete the node.
  • On a link to delete the link.
  • On a connector to delete all links attached to this connector.

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