Before you begin

  • If you have never installed Instant Terra v1.4 or you have installed a beta version, you first need to download and install Instant Terra v1.4.
  • If you have already installed Instant Terra v1.4, you can now buy a license.

Choosing your license

Once your evaluation period has expired, you need to buy an Instant Terra license. For details on the different subscriptions, see our website.

Five different editions available, depending on your company’s revenue, and these are available for monthly, 3-monthly, and yearly subscriptions. All editions have unlimited graph sizes and online support via our Forum.

  • The Enterprise edition is for any size of company. With this edition, you can generate graphs and terrains with unlimited sizes, and import multiple files.
  • The Professional edition, again, is for any size of company, but the terrain size is limited to 8k x 8k.
  • The Small Business edition is for companies with revenue of under $2m and the terrain size is limited to 4k x 4k.
  • The Indie edition is for companies with revenue of under $100k and the terrain size is limited to 2k x 2k.
  • The Educational edition is for schools and students; it is free and the terrain size is limited to 2k x 2k.

Degressive prices are available for one company in the same location, for the same edition.

Buying your license

  • In Instant Terra, in the Help menu, select About...
  • Click on Buy license... You will be directed to our website.
  • On the Editions page, choose your license from:
    • Indie
    • Small Business
    • Professional
    • Enterprise

and choose month, 3-monthy, or yearly subscription.

  • The login page opens. You must have a Wysilab account; otherwise, click Create an account and go through the steps to set up your account.
  • Check the number of licenses that you want and click Continue.
  • Verify your payment method and click Complete.

You will receive a license key by email.

  • Copy all the text between the two "=========" delimiters.
  • In the Instant Terra about page, click Enter new license..., paste your license in the pop-up window, and click OK.

A pop-up window confirms that your license has been installed correctly.

You can now start using Instant Terra.

You may, at any time, upgrade your subscription to another edition of Instant Terra.

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