The Help menu gives you access to tutorials, specific help pages in the Online Help, the Instant Terra forum, the samples directory, and the About page.

Help menu


Plays the interactive tutorials to learn the basic of Instant Terra.

Opening specific help pages

To open specific help pages in the Online Help, select Help and one of the following options:

  • Getting started video: Opens the Getting started video on the Wysilab YouTube channel.
  • Main page: Opens the Welcome page of Instant Terra documentation.
  • Graph editor: Opens the main Graph editor help page.
  • 3D view Opens the main Viewport help page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Opens the keyboard shortcuts help page.
  • Nodes reference: Opens the page listing the different categories of nodes.
  • Welcome screen: Use the "New" tab to start from one of our models. Use the "Learn" tab to quickly access some tutorial videos.

Accessing the Forum

Select Help > Forum to open the Instant Terra forum.

Accessing the samples directory

Select Help > Samples to display the list of available sample projects. You can open any of them. Just use the "Save as..." option to save any changes, as the default folder is read-only. See Terrain examples for details.

About Instant Terra

Select Help > About to open the About page. This window displays the information about your license. You can also buy, upgrade, or install you license on another computer from this window.

See Buying a license, Upgrading a license and Using a license on another computer for more information.

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