Instant Terra provides access to terrain samples.

Select Help > Samples to open your local folder where the samples are installed.

  • Island sample: Presents a simple project that generates an island.
  • Crater sample: Uses a Full Composition using mask node to create the final terrain.
  • Curvature sample: Demonstrates the use of the Curvature node to create a mountain range and then apply a smoothing effect locally to places where the slope does not vary.
  • Dual erosion sample: Creates a terrain using both rock erosion and hydraulic erosion simulation.
  • Flow map sample: Imports a terrain from a file, tweaks it, computes a flow map, and extracts a color map from it to apply to an output terrain.
  • Hydraulic erosion sample: Demonstrates the use of hydraulic erosion simulation to create a realistic terrain, and carve and tweak a river.
  • Mountain erosion sample: Shows how the Mountain erosion node works.
  • Monument valley sample: Demonstrates how to create the sandstone buttes found in Monument Valley.
  • Normal map sample: Extracts and exports a normal map from composed terrains.
  • Starting tutorial sample: A simple project that includes hydraulic erosion to get you started with Instant Terra.

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