This sample demonstrates how to create the sandstone buttes found in Monument Valley.

  • The Painted mask node is used to trace the location of a road on the terrain. You can also export the mask to use later or in another project.
  • The mask composition combines two Painted masks to bring more precision to the scattering. The Mask scattering group uses a Painted mask to drive the distribution of the rock on the terrain.
  • The base of the terrain is formed by terrain generators, composers, and transformers, and a mask composition node.
  • The Painted mask drawn at the start of the project is linked to generate a flat terrain base where the road passes.
  • An Apply curve node creates the buttes in our terrain, specific to Monument Valley.
  • The clamp mode of the Min & max heights node creates a slice at half the height of the rock. This allows smoothing of the lower part to simulate an erosion effect on the embankment before recomposing it with the upper part.
  • This group generates a mask from the terrain slope to avoid forming the road over a terrain that is too rough.
  • The final composition composes the base of the road and the reworked rock base.

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